About Us



My name is Nikki Brown and I have been mixing my own skin care products for well over 15 years. As I learned more about what goes into skin care products, I was shocked to find out the amount of unnecessary chemicals introduced to many personal care products - including those labeled as ‘organic’ or ‘all natural’; oftentimes at the sacrifice of valuable nutrients. Determined to find a better way I’ve curated a method which allows for the maximum nutrients to be preserved.

Your skin is your largest organ - what goes on it ultimately absorbs into it. Nourish it. Care for it. Protect it.

For many years, I’ve just made it for myself, tweaking the formula and methods here and there. I would have friends struggling with eczema, or skin problems and would mix batches for them to use. They would always come back for more saying they wished they could find something as healing in the stores.

After having children, I began to search for products for my babies that do not contain harmful, unnecessary, unhealthy ingredients. A mother of two, I was determined to create products for me and my family that were free of harsh chemicals and nourished the skin.

Not only are our products handmade with love, they are cruelty free, vegan, and our Shea butter is 100% USDA organic.

We create our products for our family - wholesome, rich, and nourishing. Our mission is to create customized skin care that is safe for you, and safe for the environment.