Our Ultra Moisturizing Miracle Hair Butter has gotten a new look!

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 Our Miracle Hair Butter has gotten a new look!

Jam packed with all natural moisturizing and lubricating ingredients, this jar is your liquid oil and cream in one!

Our miracle hair butter packs the ultimate punch. This ultra moisturizing hair butter is great for detangling, moisturizing and nourishing dry naturally curly hair.
As with all of our products, this formula is really concentrated - no filler ingredients here! So a little bit really does go a long way!
Used alone as a leave in or with a liquid moisturizer this butter is sure to hydrate even the most parched strands.
This non-toxic formula is great for the whole family - great for hair and beards, men and women, and toddlers too.

Ingredients: Shea butter, slippery elm, rosewater, aloe vera juice, glycerin, emulsifying conditioner, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, enhanced coconut oil.



Massage into dry or damp hair for a boost of moisture and lubrication.  Alone its great, but combined with a little water, this becomes a miracle hair butter.  


What is in shea butter?


Our whipped shea butter is jam packed with raw shea unrefined shea butter that has its nutrients intact.  We whip the raw unprocessed shea butter for about 2 hours in order to preserve the nutrients.  You could also heat natural shea butter which makes the process faster, however, the vitamins and minerals inside the natural shea butter are degraded during the heating process.


Shea butter  for the face is a great moisturizer with vitamins A, E, and K and can also act as a mild SPF.  In addition to our signature blends, like our Cloud Butter and Clear butter,  we also have raw shea butter for sale - order our Shea Whip and get 100%  whipped natural organic shea butter.


Pure natural shea butter has excellent benefits for the skin.  Raw shea butter for the skin is great because it can help even skin tone and improve the skin's elasticity.  


Our signature Cloud Butter is a great shea butter face cream as it is whipped with raw unprocessed shea butter.  It has additional ingredients that are high in vitamin E like Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E. 


Shea butter isn’t only for the skin, shea butter for hair is an excellent moisturizer and sealant.  Our Miracle Hair butter can help soften and moisturize all hair types, even the most dry and coarse hair.  




Our all natural skin products are handmade to order.  Our ingredients are all ethically sourced and of the highest quality.  We make our products to order to ensure freshness.